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Private apartment cleaning services on Lanzarote:

Quick Clean Lanzarote: A budget cleaning service for apartment up to 80m. Here we clean the entire apartment within 1 hour, Cleaning includes: hovering, mopping, surface cleaning, mirror cleaning and clearing out the washing machine. Price 25,- (I.G.I.C. 7% INCLUDED) read more..

Proper apartment cleaning Lanzarote: A cleaning service for apartments and villa's of all sizes. Here we clean the entire apartment / villa in 4 to 6 hours, we clean and check kitchen cupboards, if needed re-clean dishes, hover the entire apartment, machine wash dirty linen, hover the entire apartment, mop the entire apartment, spray lavender in all rooms and finally clean the windows. read more ...

Machine wash 6Kg: We also provide a washing service with free pickup and drop off in the Puerto del Carmen area. Pickups and drop-offs Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Price: 6,50 include wash, drying and folding and I.G.I.C.

Drinking water delivery Puerto del Carmen: As an extra service we also provide bottled water deliveries in the Puerto del Carmen area. Deliveries every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, prices {5L = 2,-}  {15L = 5,50}  {30L = 10,-}

Hospitality & maintenance: Have someone available to your guests 10 hours a day 7 days a week, get a service contract ! for only 13,- a month we perform a weekly apartment check and we are there for your guests ! read more...

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